Leaders with a Life Conference 2012

I was fortunate to go to the Proteus Leaders with a Life Conference in Adelaide on the 21 & 22 May 2012. The conference was awesome to say the least. For myself personality it reminded me what is important in life. In particular it reminded me of my passions. Those passions include family, travel, work with meaning, learning and working with youth. I am fortunate that I have all of these in my life and I need to ensure that I look after myself and my loved ones.

The speakers included:
– Sam Cawthorne on The Positive Competitive Advantage.
– Tim Browne on Making Innovation Happen
– Jackie Furey on It’s all about Relationships
– Richard Dore on Managing the Tough Stuff
– Dan Gregory on Gravity
– Naomi Simson on Employees are the New Customers
– Chris Helder on The 5 Keys to Momentum
– Dr Giovanni Pagano on Creating your Preferred Future

Sam Cawthorne’s story was amazing. He has not just survived an incredible accident, including dying, he came through with a positive attitude. His talk focused on bouncing forward (instead of bouncing back). After all why would you go back to where the problem started in the first place? Go forward to something better.

Tim Browne’s presentation on innovation was thought provoking. The old model of change and innovation was a cycle of resistance to turning point to adaption is being turned on it’s head with the world changing so quickly. Constant change means that we need to think differently. Tim took us through Blue Ocean Strategy. He explained how in order to change or update our organisation we need to add things and balance this with taking away things that are no longer as important.

Jackie Furey focused on how relationships are the key to top performance. Jackie’s presentation discussed differences between people and how through understanding these differences we can better our relationships.

Richard Dore’s presentation was on how promptly managing issues and problems in the workplace are important. There are ways to manage these issues quickly, in order to avoid them developing into even better problems down the track.

Dan Gregory discussed how the elements of gravity lead to a leadership style of Pull not Push. With role power becoming less relevant in the workplace, the new leadership model is leading with engagement, alignment and attraction.

The Founder and CEO of Red Balloon, Naomi Simson told us how she leads her team through developing a workplace that is value based, ensures the wellbeing of staff and achieves great things. The information she shared in her presentation has led her organisation to win numerous awards.

Chris Helder’s presentation was full and passion. He outlined 5 tools for developing momentum with people. The first tool was about maintaining your posture, eye contact, smiling, gratitude and energy. The second tool was FORD…. A great tool for getting to know people better. The third tool was about knowing where you are going. The forth tool was taking care of the big and important things (Chunk Up). While the final tool was a tool to help you inspire people to better themselves.

The final speaker was sports psychologist from Italy, Dr Giovanni Pagano. His funny presentation had a number of great messages. One such message was how with risks come opportunities. Another was how we need to think differently and how Attitude is a measure of EQ. One of my favourites was how high energy combined with being fully engaged leads to success.

The conference was well worth it. I am grateful that my employer, Belconnen Community Services values their senior leadership team enough to invest in us by taking us all to the conference.

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