Character Development through Fundraising


As a child I was involved in many extra-curricular activities. These activities helped to development me and also contributed to my outlook on life. The activities involved Scouting, soccer, karate (for a very short period of time), Piano (again, not my strength) and Duke of Edinburgh. In addition at school I was active in many pursuits outside of academia. Those activities included read-a-thons and being part of Maths and Economics’ teams (yes, I was a bit of a nerd).

I was fortunate that money was not an issue in terms of the activities that I participated in. I was never denied the ability to do something, due to a lack of money. So why am I writing this article on Fundraising, I hear you say? Good Question…………. I seemed to do a fair bit of fundraising as a child and also as an adult. The process of fundraising actually had benefits to me that was great than the funds raised.

Currently I am working with one of my daughters to get to Timor Leste on a scouting project. There are a lot of funds to raise in a short period of time, so once again I am in fundraising mode. Though the fundraising is being driven by my daughter, I am assisting her with the efforts. It is so good to watch her develop the character and skills that I did as a child, through this process.

I have watched as the following lessons were learnt:

  • Improving Self Confidence and Self-worth
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Handling Rejection
  • Getting Mojo back, especially when you lose it
  • How to talk with people
  • What is the appropriate way to dress
  • Developing a Sense of Achievement
  • Delivering good Customer service
  • How to talk with a stranger (in a safe manner)
  • How to knock on a door
  • How to make a Sale

It is amazing how when we get off the couch and do something, we develop energy. As we achieve or deliver an outcome this further drives our energy levels. The successes lead to the sense of achievement. This certainly helps to maintain a positive attitude through the process and builds one’s self-confidence and self-worth.

The flip side is also true. With a couple of rejections one can lose their mojo. However, this is also an opportunity to build character. I watched as my daughter was disappointed when the first few houses were not home or said no to her chocolates. So how do you keep your positive attitude in the face of rejection? What do you do to maintain your energy levels?

Handling rejection is an important part of life and going door to door is a way to receive a good amount practice in rejection. In getting your mojo back after a downturn, requires development of one’s character. The two ways I suggest, which we used, are to firstly remember why you are doing what you are doing. What is your passion, or goal? Or is it the work in itself? The second is action. Taking action and moving forward can also restart one’s mojo.

The other benefit to fundraising is the lessons that can be learnt about people and sales skills. In order to successfully sell something to others, one needs to develop a number of skills in how to talk with people and what is the best way to present oneself. Good salesmanship, involves good customer service and treating people correctly.


As I watched my daughter knock on doors, speak politely to the people and talk with confidence I noticed that she was learning the skills that I learnt at a young age that help shape me into who I am today. I watched her deal with the ups (sales) and the downs….. When people were not home, said no or were a little rude (or a lot rude in one case).

As I pass on my learning’s from my childhood to my children, I will watch them grow in confidence and character. What more satisfying than this?

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