When to Retire

When I was younger my view of work was something you do to get money to live. Hence I thought that the aim was to retire asap. I never actually thought about what one does when they retire, however it was my aim to retire young. Retirement in my mind was about having the money to retire, not something related to age.

Since then I have changed my view of work as work is something that I do with passion. It is not a means to an end (namely about money), but more a part of how I live my life with passion. This is not to say that I would work the way I do, if I was not paid, however I do the work I do, because I enjoy it and does give some meaning to my life.

So what does this mean when I now think about retirement (not that I am anywhere near what society would consider retirement age or have any plans to retire). Well I actually would not like to stop everything I do and retire….. I think that would be very difficult. What I actually see is that throughout my life I will make changes which will affect the work I do and the pace I do it. So I see change in what I do and the way I do it, rather than retirement.

Though this is my current view about retirement and you can see I have changed this view considerably. It will be interesting to see how I see retirement into the future.

  1. Hi Attila, this is a noteworthy perspective to have. I’m 27 and I really don’t think of retirement often. But this idea about life and purpose gives a whole new twist on how I should consider my own “retirement”. Work, life, and purpose should not be compartmentalized. They’re one and the same. Nice post.

  2. I just “retired” two weeks ago….a major decision since I love teaching school…but decided to shift while I still have energy and hopefully will find ways to use my “skills,” creating etc in continuing effective ways…no idea what, as yet, but hopefully will find some! I can’t imagine not contributing to others…!!!! Here you go…. how I see “retirement”… http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/yippeeee-i-did-it-i-actually-did-it/

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