Buying through the Internet

I had an interesting conversation this week with staff at work about shopping through the internet. Some were all for it and others not so. The difference was not a demographics issue either. I am still not sure what the difference are, however it is become more popular to shop online. This is most likely due to the increased access to the internet.

The conversation got me thinking about my shopping habits. I shop both through bricks and mortar and also online. I love markets when travelling around the world. I guess I am not loyal or fixed on any particular type of shopping channel. I am comfortable with each sort of channel and I also use them depending on my needs.

I find that online shopping can save time and I love to avoid the crowds. The downside is that there is a delivery time involved. Over the last week, month and year, as I reflect I regularly buy some of my purchases online and some of them through bricks and mortar businesses. For bricks and mortar businesses to survive they are going to either have to operate through multiple channels and / or ensure that shopping becomes an experience for the consumer.

However I think that there is certainty a good future for Online shopping, while at the same time I would encourage bricks and mortar businesses to ensure that shopping is not just a transaction, but an experience for the shopper.

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