Angela’s Hand Knitted Scarfs

As part of Angela’s fundraising efforts, she is knitting Scarfs for sale. As a Cub Scout she has been to Vietnam with her dad as part of a scouting project with Yass Combined Unit. Angela is looking to raise money to help her attend future Scouting Projects.

The scarfs are all hand knitted with love. Each Scarfs is unique with no two the same. These scarfs have been sold both in Australia and in Colombia with positive feedback. They are available in a range of different colours (or multicolours) as you will see from the photos.

Angela is selling the Scarfs for $15.00 each (excluding postage and handling). If you are interested in a scarf please email myself (Angela’s Dad) at I can email you photos of the scarfs that are ready for sale or you can place your request.

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