Peaks and Valleys

130105 Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You – At Work and in Life

By Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Spencer Johnson has a great way to deliver a message through telling a story. In the book Peaks and Valleys this is no exception. Dr Johnson delivers an important message about getting through the bad times sooner and ensuring the good times last longer. Dr Johnson delivers this message through a fable of a young man that lives in a valley, but is not satisfied and hence climbs to a Peak and meets an old man. The old man imparts valuable knowledge onto the young man, which makes up the lessons and message of the book.

We all go through a period of feeling low (valley) in life. The peaks and the valleys are a natural part of life. These highs (peaks) and lows (valleys) are not just what happens to us, but also how we feel and respond to them. What we do today will impact on tomorrow’s good or bad times. In the book the old man explains that Peaks are the moments when you appreciate what you have and the Valleys are the moments when you long for what you are missing.

The lessons in the book are summarised by:

  • Make reality your friend: Ask yourself what is the truth in this situation?
  • To get out of a valley sooner: Find and use the good hidden in a bad time.
  • To stay on a peak longer: Appreciate and manage your good times.
  • To get to your next peak: Follow your sensible vision.
  • To help people: Share it with others.

The book is a very easy read and it is well set at. I highly recommend this book as a good read for everyone that wishes to a life with longer peaks and shorter valleys.

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