Team Email Home 04 Oct 12

Dear loving Parents.

To begin with; Happy Birthday Mum (Teresa). Hope that you are enjoying your special day and that you have a fun day with dad. Yes I will bring you back an awesome present from the Markets here in Timor-Leste.

Just wanted to let you know how much fun that we are having here in Dili, just today we caught a bus to a welcoming scout meeting were they gave us our first taste of Timorise cuisine. They were very welcoming and were eager to share their culture with us though it was only for a short time.

The meal consisted of a plant dish that tough it tasted bitter it acted as an anti-malaria medicine; they also gave us a seaweed dish that was extremely hot to the point where even Attila began to sweat. Both of these were in conjunction with two different types of cassava, which were a type of sweet potato that were very dry but went well with the other dishes.

The group also experienced a public bus for the first time on the return journey. As the chaotic traffic continued around us we were all able to board what seemed to be a small minivan that already had passengers. We all crammed into the hot bus causing the other passengers to stare and laugh at how different and amused we were.

Everyone is determined to get up to Maubisse tomorrow as we are beginning to feel board waiting to begin the main projects. We recently met some rotary people from Australia that have invited us to help with their project of building school playgrounds up in Maubisse. The whole team is excited about providing something that is more lasting than we ever anticipated.

Though it hasn’t been all that bad, the main area at the Timor lodge recently installed TV’s J.Two flat-screens surprisingly. The TVs that they get her is so much better than in Canberra as all Australian TV shows are crammed into the one network, the Australia Network. They also have good TV also, with HBO and a number of high profile Asian channels.

We all hope that this message finds you well,

Patrick Shea

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