Day 09: Saturday, 06 Oct 12 – Maubisse

The showers at the Coffee Plantation and factory are…… Well very interesting. There are two showers in the manager’s house. They both have a hot water system and they both are on. However one showers in just cold water the other is just hot water. The water pressure is also not consistent and most of the time it is lacking. A good experience for the team, though I think that we are all looking forward to showers backing in Dili on Wednesday.

After breakfast about half the team headed into the Maubisse township to have a look and the other half stayed at the camp (CCT factory). Back at camp they played football (soccer) with the Timorese Scouts. In town we started at the Cathedral, which is at the high end of town and worked our way down to the markets, at the low end of town. Though a small town it services the region and has facilities such as a Cathedral, Hospital, Radio Station, Restaurant, Little Shops, markets and a Police Station.

It did not take long for us to travel through the town, however it was a lovely day for a walk. The Cathedral was under renovation, so we could not go in, however it is a very impressive White and green building that is several stories high. After the Cathedral we headed down to where the Rotarians are building a playground for the children. They are doing a great job and the playground will be ready for use in a day or two. Past the hospital is Rotary House, where the Rotarians are staying.

We also had a look at the little shops and found some bulk water to purchase. In the centre of Maubisee is the memorial for the people that lost their lives during the Japanese Invasion in 1943. We had a good wander through the markets. There was a mix of goods available at the markets. There was the fresh produce that is always so fresh in these markets. There was also a large amount of packaged goods. The one that took the team by surprise was the “butcher”. There in the Sun was the carcass of an animal all chopped up into large pieces. No refrigeration, cooling systems or the like, just a chopped up carcass in the sun for sale.

The Timorese Scouts came down in the afternoon to ask if we wanted to climb Mt Ramelau with them. Mt Ramelau is about 10 kms from our current location and is Timor Leste’s tallest Mountain. The Scouts are planning to travel up there today and come back tomorrow. Unfortunately I have had to say no to this as we are not properly equipped for a night on the mountain. It would have been a great experience. Mt Ramelau is taller than Mt Kosciusko in Australia.

In the afternoon and evening we got the fire going, despite the wood all being green. This was a task and a half. We went back to basics and used plenty of kindling to get the fire started before the medium sized logs caught on fire. The team played plenty of rounds of cards and I had a good afternoon nap…. I must be getting old to need a nap in the afternoon. For each meal we are served some really good chilli. Some of the boys have decided to have a chilli competition each night. It is amusing to watch the faces as they eat the chilli.

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