Day 05: Tuesday, 02 Oct 12 – Dili

This morning was the loveliest time to go for a walk. Both Kim and I were up earlier than expected and got ready for our morning walk. This was the first time that we did not offer the opportunity for the other team members to join us. No, no, no, it was not because we did not want them to come with us, but more because we were off to visit some friends deployed with the Army to Timor Leste. So off to HPOD we went….. about 2.5kms from where we were staying. This was the longest walk in the morning we did so far.

It was a lovely walk, past the Timor Plaza, Landmark Plaza, the Australian Embassy and then the President’s Palace. The President’s palace is a beautiful building and surrounding gardens. The former President made the palace a people’s palace. This included an open palace. The gardens are open to the people to wander through. There are shade areas people to enjoy and there is free internet for the people.

On the way though we stopped at the Energia Café for a coffee….. As explained in an earlier diary entry it is very good coffee. Between the last visit with the group and this visit we have now filled a frequent cuppa card….. The next time we go we get a free coffee. Not back for a bunch of “tourists”.

We finally arrived at the HPOD (heliport) behind the President’s palace. We managed to catch up with a few friends and even go out and have a look around town. There is so much to see and do in Dili when we return from Maubisse. On our travels we discovered so much about Dili….. The beach front, Jesus Statue, Pope Statue and more…. The Leader Supermarket next to the Timor Plaza was the best place to go shopping in terms of range and price. And of course we got the low down on the key restaurants and cafes.

On returning to the compound Michela was there. She was enjoying some time with the venturers playing cards….. The venturers are getting quite good at this Masters and Slaves game….. Time for a new card game. We had a good chat with Michela about her role with Scouts of Timor Leste and how she has found the country…. Beautiful of course.

After solving all the world’s problems with Michela she told us about a bakery that is close to our compound. It has to be the best bakery in Dili….. In addition to this it is run by nuns and there is a café inside the convent grounds….. It did not take much convincing for the team to all want to go. I think the word “Lamingtons” did it. So off we went. Along the way there was coffee roasting happening on the side of the road and street vendors selling a range of goods.

The bakery was a cute building that was blue in colour. It was so worth the visit as the range of yummy items was awesome. There were western items, like donuts, and Asian style items. Then there seemed to be a cross over. The team bought up a range of items and some were more courageous than others. Then we took the short walk, 25 metres, to the front gate of the convent in order to get some cuppas. The café was a cute little building in the gardens with cute little covered areas throughout the gardens to sit at to eat the yummy bakery items and drink our cuppas. The gardens were full of lovely manicured lawns and flowering plants.

Finally for the evening, Nicola, our awesome team leader called into Branch Venturer Council (BVC) back in Canberra Australia. During the teleconference Nicola covered off the project to date, future plans and impressions of the team of Timor Leste. She fielded lots of questions. Hopefully this will inspire others in Scouting to do similar projects. Maybe another trip to the Solomon Islands? Timor Leste? Or where else?

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