Day 16: Saturday, 13 Oct 12 – Dili to Canberra

We are heading home….. It has been a great adventure. We are full of emotion, as the trip has been to see friends, make new friends, work with the community and develop young people. All in all, we have achieved all we set out to achieve and had great fun doing so. An early breakfast and then out to the airport for departure. At the airport the staff commented that we are the Australian Scouts that were on TV the other night with the First Lady…..

As the plane starts to take off, once the dog was cleared off the runway, it hit us…. In 12 hours we will be back in Canberra. Not a long period of time, however we will be going from Aircon to Heater and back to a very different way of life. The trip to Timor Leste will stay with me forever, as once again I appreciate our way of life and also recognise that there is much we can learn from the Timorese about being happy in all circumstances.

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