Day 11: Monday, 08 Oct 12 – Maubisse

Today is the day that we have been waiting for. We headed off to the Samoro School this morning with the sporting equipment. The Timorese Scouts joined us for the visit to the School. The team is all excited and there is a buzz in the vehicles as we head off to the school. On arrival we dismount the vehicles and the Director (Principal) of the school comes out to great us. There are smiles on everyone’s faces, teachers, students, Timorese Scouts and Australian Scouts.

The students were all having a bowl of rice when we arrived and the director took Nicola, our Team Leader to each of the classrooms to introduce us. Nicola did a good job using the limited Tetum that she has picked up since arriving in country. The students were all smiles and giggles. The rest of the team waited outside, playing with the soccer balls.

After a reception with tea, coffee and yummy food, we headed down to an open field. The whole school, teachers and students, along with the scouts, Timorese and Australian, were all there. After some confusion due to communication difficulties the Scouts and the students started playing with the soccer balls. A number of games were being played and then the Frisbees came out. The Frisbees were an instant success, almost all the students wanted to play with them.

After hours of fun and games it was time to go. Before leaving the team presented the principal with the soccer balls and the Frisbees for the school. The principal was very touched by this and had the school thank us with songs and clapping. After about five songs it was time to go. We will be back tomorrow with school supplies and to teach the students some English. It was great to see everyone in the team get totally involved in the activities today.

On arriving back at camp the Timorese Scouts organised to play football (soccer) with the Australian Scouts later in the afternoon. This was because the Timorese Scouts were off for a siesta. I must admit I do like the idea of a siesta. So before the game some of the Timorese and some of the Australian Scouts headed further South and up the mountains to get a good view of both this and the next valley. We also stopped in at a village and donated some warm blankets to the locals.

Finally the team got there game of football with the Timorese Scouts….. Well kind of. By the time I got up to the game to see the game and take some photos they were playing with their hands. Either the rules for football have changed or they are playing Volleyball….. However after about an hour they did start playing football. It was a very intense game. The Timorese take their football very seriously.

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