Day 10: Sunday, 07 Oct 12 – Maubisse

As I sit under a tree at the Coffee Factory, I feel a light breeze on my face. I look up and see parts of the factory, parts of the plantation and the accommodation (both the manager’s house and the worker’s accommodation). It is another pleasant day and it may even rain this afternoon. This morning there was some confusion about the time. This is because day light saving kicked in in Canberra, Australia. As most people’s devices are set to automatically update this meant that the time difference is now two hours with Canberra, not one as previously, this has caused nearly everyone to think it is one hour later in Timor than it actually is.

This morning there has been a number of changes for us as a team. Firstly we got Noodles for breakfast…. Nice change from bread rolls, though we got them too. Then there was limited water pressure for the shower. The team has adapted well to this one. And finally the power went out twice. There was no power for a number of hours.

I got a fair amount of reading in this afternoon, which was nice to get some quiet time. Today is a very relaxed day for the team. After all it is Sunday. The team did sort through the aid boxes and work out a plan for how the items will be gifted to the school, teachers and students. The team spend a while sorting through and discussing the items. I also got a lovely walk down to the river with my lovely wife, Kim.

The Timorese Scouts hiked back from Mt Ramelau to the campsite. They arrived in the afternoon, however we were unsure if we were meant to pick them up from the Mountain. This confusion lasted a little bit as we received mixed signals from the Timorese scouts that remained at the camp. In the end a small team headed out thinking that they were picking up the Timorese Scouts. However it was to go to a mountain for a photo opportunity. Apparently it is cool up there and the team has decided to go back tomorrow to donate some of the blankets that we have brought over.

Tonight the team has also had a new experience. As the rubbish has piled up over the last few days, we have come to realise that there is no rubbish collection in the area. The rubbish seems to either be burnt or dump out the back of the manager’s house. So reluctantly the team burnt the rubbish we had created over the last few days. Culturally this is at odds with our normal way of operating back in Australia.

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