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Many people ask me why I do projects with Scouting. Some even think I am a little crazy. I may be crazy; however I do enjoy my international experiences with Scouting. Yes it does cost a fair amount of money to participate in the projects and on the flip side there is much satisfaction to gain from the projects too.

So on the upside; I enjoy my International Scouting experiences because:

  • I learn about people and cultures around the world
  • I learn about the people I travel with that participate in the projects
  • I make friends from around the world
  • I watch as the participants grow in experience and skills from the trips
  • See some very beautiful parts of the world
  • Work on some inspiring community projects
  • Working with teenagers make me feel young

So as I write this sitting here in Dili, Timor Leste (East Timor) enjoying the open air restaurant in our compound, I wonder is there anywhere else I would want to be?….. It does not take me long to answer myself “No”. We are experiencing a new place (none of the team has been to Timor Leste before) and getting ready for our trip up to Maubisse where we will work with the local school. And the best part is that my wife, Kim, was able to join me as one of the Adult Leaders for the project.

Some of the joys so far have been:

  • To see the young people grow and develop as they have planned and prepared for the trip
  • Taking two of the team overseas for the first time, not sure why however that is a real buzz for me
  • Trying to find food…… When you do not know a place it can be hard initially to find meals in the budgeted price range….. That said I must admit I am amused by the number of places that have a menu, however when ordering you find that they do not have the food available. Though I do enjoy eating foods from around the world
  • Getting bearings…. I have OCD and need to know where I am and how it fits into the bigger place….. It takes me up to a day to get my head around the place….. But when done, I am a happy little Vegemite.
  • It has been a special trip for Kim as it has been her first Scouting Activity
  • It is always an emotional (joy and happiness) time for me when I travel as I do enjoy working with young people around the world, completing community projects and travelling with my wife
  • Watching the team adjust to a changing environment and be able to reorganise themselves when outside influences impact on the project

So all in all, I may be a little crazy; however I enjoy and get satisfaction out of Scouting projects. I encourage everyone to travel and see other cultures in order to learn more about the world we live in and also the people. I have had a few people ask why I only offer these opportunities for young people and why I do not offer such opportunities for adults as well……. To be honest I do not know…. I do enjoy working with young people, however maybe this is also a great opportunity to build cultural understanding for adults too.

  1. It’s great that you are getting ideas from this post
    as well as from our discussion made here.

  2. Hello there,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Believe me, you’ve inspired me to never give up to follow my dream 🙂


  3. My son and I were involved in scouting for about 7 years. My dad was a scout. A great organization for developing our youth!

  4. What is scouting ? How does it work ?

  5. My son is in scouting and I enjoy experiencing it with him. Will be checking back from time to time to see what I can glean from you. Thanks for the follow.

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