Family Walks – Exercise or Bonding?

How do you combine family time, bonding and exercise all in one. Try going for a walk with the family. As a family we go for a walk on a semi-regular basis and it is a time that we all look forward to, including the dogs.

There are a number of reasons for going for a walk and these include:
– Physical wellbeing
– Mental wellbeing
– Family wellbeing
– Wellbeing for the dogs

Our western lifestyles that we lead tend to not allow enough time for exercise and fresh air. Going for a walk is a relatively quick way to get your daily intake of low impact exercise. Doing the walk as a family also means that the whole family gets to benefit from the exercise. In our family some of the children will take their scooter with them. Fun and exercise at the same time for the whole family.

Most people would not view a walk as a benefit to one’s mental wellbeing. I believe that a walk is a great way to clear the head and get some fresh air. Often if worked up I find that a walk helps to think clearer. I also see this in the family where we all come back from a walk in a better mood.

Though at the start some may not like the idea of going for a walk, it does become a time that the members of the family look forward too. During the walk, often the children will open up and discuss issues or topics that do not come up at any other time. This is partly due to the lack of distractions when walking. Back to basics….. The way life was meant to be.

For families with dogs the family walk to the perfect time to give the family pet some exercise. There are a number of benefits for the dog. Firstly, exercise leads to a healthier pet. However it goes beyond physical health. A dog that is walked regularly is also a happier pet. Finally, walking with a dog will enable time for the owner to develop a bond with the pet and to train the dog.

So all in all going for a family walk; helps the family physically, mentally and to bond. This includes all the members of the family, parents, children and dogs. So in conclusion I think that family walks are a perfect way to bond, while exercising.

Created by: Attila Ovari
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  1. Yep! I always forget how great it is….

  2. Yep, walks are what my family needs. Its not so much the exercise bit, but the re-connection bit that is often missing. Too much in-to-the-net, and not enough out-of-the-net. Thanks for following my obscure blog!

  3. Fully agree. Family time is such an important thing. I strongly believe, that 15-20-25-30-etc years from now your children will have hard time to remember any toys they had, but will remember how much fun the family time has been.

  4. Love this! So true! We walk as a family most every night and it’s such a precious time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more from you.

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