4 Squadron a Year in Review 2012

4 Squadron is located in Canberra at HMAS Harman. The members of 4 Squadron come from a catchment area including Canberra, the Southern Highlands, Yass, the Snowy Mountains and the South Coast. This years training program has been focused on Search. Over the course of several months the Squadron’s training has built up from low level search activities to conducting search activities in a CBRND environment.

The focus of the Squadron this year has been to develop the capability and deploy ability of the Squadron. This has been developed through the training program and restructuring equipment and vehicles. The training delivered as been at the individual, Section and Troop levels. In addition to this the Squadron headquarters has been exercised in the field for both Command and Control and deploy ability.

At this years Employer Support Awards for the ACT and Southern NSW, 4 Squadron had the most nominations of any unit. The Dinner was a awesome night at the Australian War Memorial. The employers and Reserve members both had a great night. We have also supported other Defence Reserve Support Council (DRSC) activities in the Region.

In March this year the city of Wagga Wagga in NSW flooded. As with previous natural disasters in Australia there was a call for Army Reservist to deploy. Once again 4 Squadron delivered a capability. This time we supplied a Section imbedded in an Infantry Platoon. This was a great experience for the Corporals that deployed. They got to work with an Infantry Platoon Commander and provide Engineer Advice on the ground.

In summary 4 Squadron has had a busy year. We have developed our capabilities and deploy ability, while supporting the DRSC and providing capability in domestic operations.

  1. Thank you for serving!
    (US Army veteran)

  2. That’s cool that a fellow reservist from far far away is following Bristol Belief. I command 249 (Cardiff) Sqn RLC(V) of the Welsh Transport Regiment. http://www.adrianclarkcv.wordpress.com

  3. Bright blessings to you and your squadron for your selfless service.

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