Leaders and Followers

Angela becoming an APLIn life there are many people that step up and lead. There are also people that are more comfortable to follow. In accomplishing a task we need to have both leaders and followers. In the same way we can all be leaders in our own way.

A good leader sees leadership as a responsibility. A responsibility to bring out the best in their followers. A responsibility to ensure the best for their followers and a responsibility to achieve the mission and task at hand to the best standard possible.

Followers also have a responsibility. A responsibility to do their best. A responsibility to ensure that they keep their team informed on matters of importance to the team and a responsibility to work with the team in a cooperative way.

Another thing about leaders and followers is that they may not always be a leader and they may not always be a follower. it will depend on the mission and the task at hand. A good leader knows when to follow.

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Who do you want to be?

Attila Ovari in a Jet SimulatorIn history when we had Kings, for the most part, the leadership were chosen by birth. You were either born into nobility or you were not. Many positions were handed down from father to son. Though there are places in the world that are still operate that way as a kingdom or as a dictatorship, many places in the world have changed.

Your start in life is influenced by who your parents are, however in many cases you are no longer limited by who your parents are. We have more opportunity to pursue our dreams and passions. We have a choice of who we want to be. Yes there will be challenges and things we have to overcome, but we have a choice of who we want to be.

  • So who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you need to do to get there?

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

The problem with can do

Do more of what you love everyday quote in Thredbo windowI am the type of person that will push and make anything work. I will push hard to ensure that the mission is achieved. I am not sure if it is my army training or my small business background or both, but I am certainly a man that makes things happen. Most of the time this is a very good thing. It is good to be a go getter and to make things happen.

There is a downside though. I was reading a paper last year about the senior management of the Australian Defence Force. When it came to the very senior levels, the Chiefs of the services and the Chief of the Defence Force and working in with the Minister of Defence the paper said that the Army personnel were more likely to have a can do attitude and not push back on ideas.

Overall I believe this is a good trait, however as the paper discussed sometimes it can be better to give a more frank perspective when it comes to advice. When in a position to give advice it is important that there is a contra point of view discussed and the risks associated with the plan. This is an important part of any advice and planning.

So when you are focused on getting things done. Ensure that you have thought about what can go wrong. What could have been other consequences. Then come up with a plan for each of the risks and consequences…. And then finally go for it with all you have. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Are you distracted?

Completed Jigsaw PuzzleToday I am very very late in writing my blog because I was distracted. Firstly I slept in and then second and most importantly, I was distracted. I was not on task and I did not do what I planned to do because instead I sat down and completed a jigsaw puzzle. It is not a bad thing and got my brains working, but it was not what I was meant to be doing today. It is not leading me towards my dreams and passions.

It is easy to get distracted. Some people it may be easier than others. I know that I am a bright shiny object type of person and will jump from one thing to another. However this is not how to get things done and achieve your dreams. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

  • Are you being distracted?
  • Are you doing what you are meant to be doing?
  • Are you working on something that is leading towards your dreams and passions?

What drives you?

  • Navy Helicopter above Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra ACT Australia for Australia Day 2016Are you excited about what is possible?
  • Are you worried about failure?
  • Which one is driving you forward?

What drives us forward can depend on our upbring, our develop and our belief system. For some of us we look to the future and strive to achieve what is possible, while for others we worry about failure. We are going to fail many times in our life. It is not the end of the world. However if we do not strive to be what we are meant to be we fail.

We fail to contribute what we could to the world. We fail to live our passions. We fail to fulfil our dreams. For some people that may be okay, however I believe that we can not be truly happy unless we are striving for our dreams and passions. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

  • What is driving you forward, possibility or failure?

Keeping up with the Smiths

Attila Ovari and Mick having a Cuppa in Tuggeranong ACT AustraliaLast week I caught up with my mate Mick. I used to work with Mick a couple of years ago and ever since we catch up every month or so. Mick has much more life experience than me and it is always great to hear his stories and words of wisdom. Well last week he shared his wisdom about keeping up with the Smiths.

I know, you are going to say that the saying is keeping up with the Jones’. Well Mick said it best when he says that today people are trying so hard to keep up with the Jones’ that they take out big loans for big houses, loans for experience cars and loans for their lifestyle. In the end their income is all going to pay back loans.

Mick suggested that we focus on keeping up with the Smiths. The Smiths in this case have smaller houses, debt free cars and no debt on lifestyle. Less stress and more money each week to pay cash for things and to save for the future. Basicly Mick was trying to tell me not to try and keep up with anyone and to live within my means. That is good advice.

So when looking at your life and what you are trying to achieve are you keeping up with the Jones, ie Just getting by? or are you keeping up with the Smiths, living Stress free and within your means? May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

One way to lose respect

DSC_1995Today I am going to share a personal experience about one of my weak spots. My weak spot is impatience. Impatience with incompetence, impatience with lack of focus, impatience with time wasting and impatience with negative thinking among other things. My impatience is something that I need to watch. It is something that I need to manage.

My impatience not managed turns to frustration. My frustration can then turn to micromanagement and heightened excitement. Now my frustration is because I know that things can be better, however micromanagement and heightened excitement are not positive actions. Both of these lead to a loss of respect.

For example in the middle of last year I was on an army exercise and as we completed the exercise we had redeployed back to a rear echelon area for refurbish our equipment and to refit to fight. Being Engineers we have a lot of equipment and it is a lengthy process. That combined with a lack of sleep was testing many people.

I am afraid to admit that in a moment of frustration late one evening I also failed the test. I was in conference with my key staff listening to the progress of the refurbishment and refitting to fight. In my opinion and also the opinion of senior officers the process was going very well. However one of my staff made a report to the contra, saying that we were behind schedule.

At that point I let my frustration get to me. In heightened excitement I banged the table and told him it was bull shit. We are on track and just need to keep moving forward. In that moment I lost the respect of not just that person, but everyone in the conference. It was not a wise thing to do. It is not a way to build influence.

I can make all the excuses under the sun. I can say that I was tired, it was a very long day, I was in the right, I was the boss, I made a mistake, etc etc etc…. However none of that would even be close to excusing me and my actions. Yes, I apologised and yes have since rebuild some of the relationship that I had negatively affected.

I am happy to say that I am much better these days than in my younger years when it comes to managing my frustrations. I can say that with confidence as I was really tested over the last twelve months with all the work I had to do. It will be an ongoing area of my life to manage as demonstrated by the story above, however one that is manageable.

In summary if you are like me and tend to get frustrated, develop strategies to manage your frustrations. For me, I have learnt that things like meditation, exercise, walking outside, breathing exercises and stretching out my hands all help to lower my frustrations. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

A sense of humour

  • Attila Ovari having breakfast @ the coffee club TuggeranongDo you have a sense of humour?
  • How often do you smile?
  • Can you laugh at yourself?

Having a sense of humour is a fun and lightful way to live life. Being able to have a laugh makes one feel better. It can also have a positive impact on those around you. Have you ever been in a workplace where people are smiling, friendly and have a laugh? What about a workplace where people are overly serious and there is no laugher? What environment gets the best productivity?

Being serious is important. We all have things that have to be achieved. We need to be considered when it comes to what we are doing. We need to ensure that our work is done and we achieve the required outcomes. Having a sense of humour is does not prevent you being productive or purposeful.

Having a sense of humour is a way of doing things. If you trip up a little, sort it out, learn from it and have a laugh about it. If a situation is causing stress for yourself or your team, deal with it, learn from it and in most cases you will be able to look back and have a laugh. Life is too short to be overly serious all the time. Have a sense of humour, it lifts the mood and puts a simile on others around you.

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

What are you told?

Follow your Dreams MugLast year I had multiple roles with multiple supervisors during that time. I was working with and for several organisations. Throughout the year I was given advice by several of my supervisors. When I look at the advice I was given it was not all consistent. Different people gave me different, often conflicting advice.

  • What are you being told?
  • Is the advice you are receiving conflicting?
  • What advice do you take on?

For me I look at the person giving me the advice. When someone is in a senior role to me or been in the industry longer than me I look at what they have achieved and more importantly what they have become. Who are they really? Is that someone that I would like to be like? If I can answer yes to these questions then I am more likely to take on the advice from that person.

I have been told all sorts of things throughout my life. The advice I have been given has shaped who I have become. However, there is always people willing to give advice, but is it the right advice for me? I think through the advice I have been given and filter it. Filtering the advice to ensure that it is right for me.

The filtering of advice for me is through two filters. The first is around what is it that I want to achieve and be. Is this advice aligned with who I want to be and what I want to be? I then also filter the advice by who is giving me the advice. They are giving me advice through their perceptions and is that aligned with who I want to be and what I want to achieve?

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

There is no failure in trying

Anna Ovari on Mission Inflatable at Thredbo Pool Leisure CentreIn the last few days I have read, seen and experienced that there is no failure in trying. I have been reading about failure, I have seen people make mistakes and I have experience some failures myself. What I find interesting about failure is that in all the cases I have read, seen and experienced, there was truly no failure.

To the outside world it may seem like failure. The failure may even be embarrassing to oneself. However the truth is that if you have done your best, tried something new, given it a go and learnt lessons from it then it is not really a failure. Failure is not trying, giving up and doing nothing. Trying and learning lessons are all part of success.

I remember last year driving along a road here in Canberra where some roadworks had recently been completed. I was navigating and due to the road changes I guided the vehicle down a dead end street…. Oops! Talk about embarrassing…. I was the senior officer in the group and here I am leading the vehicle down the wrong road.

In the end though it was a good learning lesson. I guided the vehicle back on track in the new road system and had discovered how the new roads work. I took my lesson learnt. In less than a fortnight the new knowledge of the road system paid off as I had a function at a winery in that same area. I was able to get to the winery via the most direct route.

So next time you are faced with failure remember it is only failure if you do not learn from the experience. It is only failure if you do not use the experience for improving yourself or the situation. You are in control of what is success or failure in your life. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

  • What is something that you failed at?
  • What lessons did you learn from that experience?
  • How did the experience guide you to success?
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