Spending Time with your Passions

  • Lovely Day in NorwayWhat are your passions?
  • What gives you energy?
  • How much time do you spend doing these things?

“Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialised into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible.”

With this sort of energy and ambition we can focus on a task for a length of time. Have you ever forget about time as you were caught up in the moment. Hours seem like minutes and days seem like hours. When we are doing something that we are passionate about we are energised. We need less sleep and we are happier.

So do you spent much time with your passions? I know that I get distracted by “life” and “making a living”. I know that I am not always true to my passions. My passions involve helping others, leadership and travel. When I am doing these things I have tremendous energy and can achieve more than I think is possible.

For example one trip through Europe, I was travelling and in a new city or town nearly every day. My days were full of sightseeing and adventure yet I was up early each day to run as I started my day. This is because I was living my passion. I was doing what energised me and my ambition. It was an awesome experience.

There are other times too…. Like being on an Army Exercise and planning the operation. I find this process energising and can stay up late and get up early. Planning to ensure that the resources are allocated and the people know what they are to do in order to achieve the mission. It can be a sleepless time, but energising.

Are you doing what energises you? I know many times I do not. It is time to review what you are doing in life, in work and in your personal time. Let’s get back to our passions, our dreams and do what energises us. Let’s align our work and play with our passions. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Relaxing and Recovery

  • Attila Ovari Reading a BookWhat type of week have you had?
  • Did you get everything done that you planned?
  • Did you get time for yourself?

I had an interesting week…. On Monday I woke up with a cold. Lucky for me I did not have a lot on this week and could relax a little. I did what I needed to do each day and then spent most of the day relaxing. It was good to enjoy some time for myself. I slept a little extra, having a nap most days. Did some reading and watched a movie.

Sometimes we just push ourselves even when we need some rest. I know that is what I tend to do. When we get a cold, it may be the body telling us that it is time to rest a little. It may be time to give the body some time to recover. I know this week was just what my body needed. No rush to be anyway, just an appointment or two each day and then rest, relax and recovery.

As we approach Christmas, I hope that that you take some time to rest, relax and recover. I am sure that your 2015 has been a busy year with much change and challenge. Over the Christmas period, take a break and recharge your batteries. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Helping others without expecting anything in return

Flower ArangementDo you want to live an exciting life. One thing I have been advised to do to live an exciting life is to help others with expecting anything in return. Imagine the people you would meet if you would hold the door open to strangers. Imagine the people you would meet if you gave a smile to a stranger. Little acts of kindness make the world a happier place.

It does not matter what you do or who you are there are people around you that could do with your help. When you do help do not view the act of help as a deposit that you expect back something in return. Just help and write off any expectations of return. Help your friends, help your colleagues and help strangers.


  • When is the last time that you helped another person without expecting anything in return?


When you cast your mind back to that time, I am guessing that in the end you felt better and you brought a smile to the other person. Internally you were actually rewarded. You felt better in yourself. In addition the other person felt better. They also had a lift, a positive experience. Positive energy was created for both parties.

Whether it is little acts of kindness for a stranger or something a little more significant for a friend, remember that helping others without expecting anything in return will improve the quality of your life and lead to a more exciting life. A life of positive energy and happiness. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Can you laugh at yourself?


  • When things go wrong and they will can you laugh at yourself?
  • When things are all going well can you take the time to laugh at yourself?
  • When others laugh at you, can you laugh at yourself?

The ability to laugh at yourself is an important skills. For many people they take life so seriously that to laugh at themselves would insult them. However I encourage you to take a lighter side of life and laugh. Yes there are times that one must be serious, however life is not always serious, so enjoy it.

When things go wrong , if you are like me you tend to beat yourself up. Instead I would encourage you to find a solution and fix it the best you can. When you have done so, have a laugh and enjoy the experience.

When things are going well, also take the time to have a laugh. Too many times we are so serious and focused on the next thing that we do not stop to laugh at the funny things that happened during the last experience.

There are times when we just do dumb things and people will laugh at us. Do not get upset, enjoy the moment and laugh too. This way you can laugh with people rather than have them laugh at you.

The best story I can think of for all three of these situations at once was a young army officer under my command on exercise. His Troop was detached to another Engineer Squadron to build a bridge. It was the best of experiences for him, however during the build he jumped off a boat onto what he thought was land and quickly sunk into the mud… They had to pull him out with ropes. It was a successful exercise, he got stuck and everyone laugh at him getting stuck. He too laughed and it was a fun experience for all.

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

It Take Guts

b9f8e911ab8a10fed1b90bce5fb6c496Yesterday I was at my children’s school for their assembly. Before they introduced the elected Student Representative Council (SRC) members for 2016 the principal congratulated all who nominated. He congratulated all the students that had put their names forward. It takes guts to put yourself out their.

It does take guts, it does take courage. People nominate themselves for representative roles for the most part to make a positive difference in the community. When people nominate for election they are opening up themselves to the community. They are saying that I want to make a difference and then it is up to the community to support them or not.

In the end most nominees do not get elected in elections, however they should be congratulated for their efforts in making a difference. Their nomination has ensured that democracy works. So remember that in a democracy people that put themselves forward for election have guts, have courage and are wanting to make a positive difference.

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Being Grateful

925dcff5afdaaaad949f377aff61cbd7One of the consistent themes I hear about being happy is gratitude. Being grateful will help you to be happier and positive. The more you focus on what you are grateful for the bigger the smile will be on your face. I do not know why this works, I just know that it does. By being thankful and grateful helps me to realise how good life is.

I have seen people that have a sour look on their face. Have you seen these people? Do they have many friends? Is it a positive environment? I am guessing it is not the sort of environment that is uplifting and has you excited about living. I know at times I have been the person with a sour look on my face…. But we can change.

In order to be uplifted, positive and happy be a grateful person. Join me and lead with gratitude. Thank the people you work with, thank God for the great life that you have (yes you do) and thank your boss the next time you get feedback, good or bad. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Is something getting you down?

Lake TuggeranongToday the blog post is late due to me having a cold and being a little slower today. I was lucky that today schedule is empty up until this afternoon. However I feel like crap. Can you relate? In your case it may not be a cold or sickness, but that someone at work is getting you down. It could be a family situation getting you down.

Either way, if you are feeling down that is normal. Do not add to the issue by beating yourself up. Give yourself time to go through the issue getting you down. Find yourself a support team to get you back up to your normal self. Through giving yourself time and a support team you will get back to your normal self in time.

So whenever you feel down, and if you do not now the time will come when you do, remember to have faith. Faith in you. Faith that things will get better. Allow yourself time. Find that support team and you will get back on top. May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

One thing this Week

The beautiful evening sky before the stormWe have a week left in November…. 2015 is coming to a close. But we still have time to work towards our dreams and passions. Yes take a break over Christmas to celebrate the year and plan the year ahead, yet there is time to still put things in motion. Forget about the big task ahead. What is one thing that you can do this week?

What is the one thing that will move you in the direction of your dreams and passions? Focus on that one thing and do that. Do not worry about everything else. Sometimes we get so caught up and overwhelmed by the big task ahead that we do nothing. And I have discovered that doing nothing does not help either.

Last week I was putting off a task in writing up a bunch of leadership fact sheets. There was a bunch that I needed and then there was a bunch that I wanted to also do. Overall the task to complete them all was a large one. So I keep delaying the task, until finally last night I told myself to just get in and do the ones I needed, not the ones that I wanted. In no time I finished them.

Sometimes you just need to start and focus on one little task. It may lead to momentum for the overall task, but focus on the task at hand. So, What is the one thing that you are going to do this week? May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

How to Stay Positive

Trappers Bakery GoulburnI have been asked by a number of people about how I stay positive. Some people who read my blog have told me that I am always positive in my blog posts. Though I agree that my blogs are mostly very positive and that I aim to live my life in a positive way there are times that I am not very positive.

As with everyone else in the world I have my problems, challenges and issues. This is a normal part of living. So being positive is not because of a lack of problems, challenges and issues. Being positive is not about ignoring problems. The first stage of being positive is to acknowledge the problems, challenges and issues. Just do not get stuck there.

There are many things in the world that are outside our personal control. This can be an area of frustration for myself when I really care about that thing. What I have learnt to do is apply the influence I can to that area of concern and then let it go. If I can not progress it further, then I am learning to let go of the issues and not let it get me down.

So am I always positive? As mentioned above the simple answer is no. There are times that I have pity parties and there are times that I just want to complain. This is normal. Make time to get down on yourself. Give yourself time to deal with things. When you do, make sure that you do this privately or in the company of your support team that are going to help you get back on top.

I have heard many times that gratitude is an uplifter. It is an uplifter for both the receiver and the giver. I thank God each day for the good life I have. If you have any doubts just look at all the bad news around the world. I live a good life and I am thankful. I acknowledge my thanks privately to myself and also thank people consistently for the good works they do too.

And finally, the reason that I am mostly positive is that I decide to be. I wake up and I am thankful for another day. I decide to have a good day. When something goes wrong, like smashing my phone this week, I decide to be positive. Yes I was upset initially, however I then told myself to snap out of it, there are worse things out there. Being positive is your decision.

In summary my hints and tips to staying positive are:

  • Acknowledge problems, challenges and issues
  • Let go of things outside your control
  • Give yourself time to deal with things
  • Be grateful
  • Decide to be positive

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Have you let reality get in the way?

Attila Ovari at the Thredbo Resort

  • What did you want to be and do when you grow up?
  • What were your dreams and aspirations?
  • What made your heart sing?

Are these the things that you are doing now? Are you living your dream? I hope you are and if you are not why not? Is it that life hit you in the face? Have you let reality get in the way of your dreams? Many people live their lives thinking that they are restricted and constrained by things that do not really restrain them.

I am included in this group. I let fear and a lack of self confidence get in the way of my potential. I worry myself about the “what if’s”. What if I try and fail? What if I give it everything and fail? What will people think? What will my family think? What about the resources I wasted? What about the time and effort that I waste?

Do not live your life in quiet desperation. Do not let fear stop you. Remember that courage is the overcoming of fear, not the lack of fear. Back yourself and find a team that supports you. You can do it. You can live your dreams and passions. Remember that the world needs you too. The world needs to see the true you.

May your passions drive you and your dreams lead you to fulfilling your life’s destiny.

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