Having Faith


427421d7c958f7a9180599f699edc014What is having faith? To many it is a spiritual thing, to others it is a way of life and to others it is a waste of time. But is faith important in life? I believe so. And I am not just talking about a spiritual faith. So what is faith?

Faith is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So what can you have faith in? God, religion, a person, an organisation and yourself. In my opinion there is only two things to have a complete faith in and that is God and yourself. Yes I believe that you need to trust people and have a confidence in people, however a complete trust or confidence I believe is reserved for God and one’s self.

What I find interesting is that many people put more faith in others or an organisation rather than themselves. Why is it that we often do not trust ourselves, but will trust others? You are the only one that completely has your best interest in mind…You have the ability to overcome great odds, to develop yourself and the achieve great things. Yes there will be challenges, setbacks and failures. However you have the internal strength to overcome and succeed.

So next time you doubt yourself, have faith. Pray if you need too and move forward. Remember that you can succeed and if you do not, you will learn from the experience and do better next time, Trust in yourself more than others. So if you trust in others, and you should, trust completely in yourself and believe that you can achieve many things.

  • Do you have faith in yourself?
  • What are you doubting about yourself right now?
  • What can you do to overcome your doubt?

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Why have Policies and Procedures?

Policies and procedures are part of most larger organisations. Some organisations may call them by other names such as, directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), work directions, manuals and other names. In the end the key reason that these documents exist is for it to guide the practices in the organisation.

  • But why have these documents?

If the documents are up to date and relevant they are in accordance with the organisation’s vision and values. They are consistent with the way that the organisation conducts itself. In the end it is to ensure that everyone has a common practice in doing the day to day business of the organisation.

Some of the reasons why they are useful include:

  • New team members have a reference for the way things are done
  • Practice is consistent across the organisation
  • Team members have an understanding in how they are to do daily practice
  • Team members can be held to account for their actions and daily practice
  • Assists in the communication of the daily practices throughout the organisation

These are all good reasons, and it comes down to that these documents direct the practice of an organisation. So if you are like me and the documents themselves do not excite you then maybe the result of the organisational practice heading towards the organisation’s mission and vision may excite you.

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How do you Acclimatise?


Last week I arrived in Singapore. The weather was beautiful and humid. Minimum temperature is about 27 degrees. What is there not to like about tropical weather? Well coming from Canberra with lows of -1 degrees at the moment is a big change. Change from cold to the weather being hot and sticky. Not a change that is comfortable straight away.

  • When you travel how do you acclimatise?

I know for myself I try not to fight the elements too much. As long as my body can handle it I will avoid the aircon and even try to get out and about a fair bit. Physical exercise in reason also helps me to acclimatise. Do not get me wrong I do not go silly with exercise, but I do try and get out and walk around. This is enough to get up a sweat.

The other thing I do is to ensure I remain hydrated. With so much sweat I lose body fluids and it is easy to dehydrated. However I find for the first few days my water intake rises as I replace the fluid lost through perspiration. At the same time I need to ensure that I maintain my salt levels through food.

All in all I must say that I have in recent years had little problem with traveling to tropical climates through following these few steps:

  1. Take it easy to start with
  2. Get the body moving a little bit
  3. Avoid aircon
  4. Drink more water
  5. Eat food to replace the salts lost

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Servant Leadership is not Subservience


I am reading Dave Ramsey’s book “EntreLeaderhip” and there was a line about servant leadership and how this is not subservience. Some people view servant leadership as being a soft and letting people walk all over you type of person and leader. But this is not the case. Being subservient does not make you a servant leader. in fact it makes you a bad leader.

Being subservient means that you are compliant, obedient and submissive. These are not necessarily good traits for a leader to display all the time. A leader needs to question, set the vision, enforce the standard and empower their team. Being subservient will not achieve much for the leader, their team or the organisation.

Team members need to know that they can trust in their leader to do the right thing in terms of the mission and more importantly for them, they need to know that their leader will stand up for them when needed and they also need to know that their leader will keep them on track and support them when needed. Servant leadership is about sharing authority with your team, empowering them and supporting them to achieve the team’s mission, rather than collecting and exercising authority over them.

  • How do you share your authority over your team?
  • In what ways do you ensure that you team members are still performing as they need to?
  • How do you ensure that you are being a servant leader?

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The Last Month

689b7a8bae0c5dcd06529cb879893049Wow…. A month has past since I started blogging again. As explained in an blog earlier this year I took a break from blogging as I had a lot on and my head was not in the right space. I did miss blogging however I had to get through a few big projects. But since re-commencing the blogging I have enjoyed the experience.

My blogs cover a range of topics from my life through to leadership. During the month I have been inspired by what I have seen in my travels and I am fortunate to live the life I do. I have been at home in Canberra, travelled to Sydney a few times for work and pleasure and I am writing this blog from Singapore.

However the month has had it’s downs too. Not everything goes as planned, expected or desired in one’s life and sometimes you need to roll with it. I have had people question my abilities, family members sick and projects not going the way expected. But life goes on and I have confident in my ability to move through these things.

So the re-commencement of blogging was one small step for me towards the life that I have planned for myself…..

What small step did you take in the last month to move towards the life you have planned for yourself?

What challenges do you need to put behind you and move on?

What small step are you going to take this month to move you towards the life you have planned for yourself?

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Making sure you take time to Celebrate

  • When a project comes to an end what do you do?
  • When you have a good year what do you do?
  • When a major task is completed what do you do?

I was delivering a training session on project management the other day and went I got to the closing phase and asked “what happens in this phase?” Most people came up with things like complete a report or acquit funds. All good answers however no one mentioned thanking the team or celebrating. Have we got all caught up with the tasks in our life that we have forgot to celebrate?

I believe that appreciation of ourselves and our team is an important part of reviewing a program or completing a project. If a project has been a success it may be easy to think of a celebration. Celebration of successes seem normal. Thanking the team and sharing the appreciation for a successful project outcome would be expected.

But what happens when things go wrong or things do not turn out the way you were expecting? Does this mean that a celebration is not called for? I still think that a celebration is in order to celebrate the effort that the team puts in. It may not be as upbeat a celebration as if there was a more successful result. This is all part of recognising the efforts that everyone has put in.

  • Do you celebrate your wins?
  • How do you celebrate with your team?
  • How are you going to celebrate your next win?


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How quickly can you Change?

We live in a world that is full of change. With the internet business is done at the speed of light. Changes that have previously taken a generation to change are changing in a few small years. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have used technology to build a business that is changing the world.

What is the impacts of his change on people? After all is that not what the world is about anyway, people? I have noticed that some people adapt to the change and the speed of change better than others. Why is this the case?

Roger’s develop an innovation theory that talks about how people fall into different categories when it comes to being able to handle change. There are the innovators, the early adaptors, the early majority, the late majority and the laggards. The early groups jump in when things are new and untested, while the majority wait for things to be true and tested. Meanwhile the laggards just do not handle change.

In a fast changing world, where do you sit in these groups? If you are in the first two groups you are most likely handling the change well, however just remember when dealing with the majority, not everyone is on the same page and may need a little longer. If you are in the majority I would challenge you to try something new once in a while, get out of your comfort zone.

  • ·        What group do you fall into?
  • ·        If you are an innovator or early adopter how can you ensure that you can bring the majority along with you?
  • ·        If you are in the majority how can you ensure that you are challenge yourself to try something new?

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Too Much on your Plate


  •         Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like there is too much happening in your life?
  •         Are there deadlines that you are not meeting?
  •         Are you working long hours and spinning your wheels?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above I know how you feel. I have been there before. At the end of last year there was a lot closing in on me. Mostly self-inflected, I certainty take on more than I can handle at times. That said I have made changes and got back on top of things.

So what did I do when I had too much on my plate? I have one word “focus”. Focusing on one thing at a time and focus my life on less roles. Through focus I was able to move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling back in control of my life. Clearing the plate also cleared my mind.

When I focus on one thing at a time I can get in a zone of productivity, I can sit there on task for hours to get it done. Without distractions I get the task done quicker and to I higher standard. Without distraction or multi-tasking the mind will allow you to process task quicker and allow your creativity to come out.

At the same time I also cut back on some things in my life. My studies came to an end, I stopped blogging for a period while there was lots happening in other roles and I resigned my scouting role. In the end through doing less things I am actually doing more. And the more I am doing is more of what I want to do, like family.

  •         What is on your plate?
  •         Do you need to review what you are doing?
  •         What is your life’s priorities?

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Leading People not Machines


“You do not lead machines, you lead people. Unless you understand human nature, I don’t think you can lead.” David Morrison, former Chief of Army

While on a flight recently I was flicking through the inflight magazine and saw an article on leadership and management. The saying above was at the start of the article. It had a number f leaders from the business world and David Morrison, former Chief of Army. The article describe the rise to the top as being around people.

At the lower levels of management it may be possible to get things done through authority, planning, using systems, assigning tasks and do things right. However in order to be effective in leadership the focus needs to change away from systems to people. In doing so leaders promote a vision and inspire people to do the right things.

Focusing on people does not mean that it is a popularity contest. Being popular is different to having influence with people to inspire them to work towards the vision for the team or organisation. David Morrison tells inspiring leaders to remember the three Fs: Fair, Firm and Friendly.

  • ·        How do you inspire your team?
  • ·        Do you have influence in your organisation outside of your authority?
  • ·        Are you doing the right things or do things right?


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Mission Driven Workplace

There is a lot of talk about purpose driven organisations. There are not for profit organisations, government organisations and even commercial organisations that are for benefit. Does this mean that they do not think about profits or the financials? No, not at all, I think that resource management is important in all organisations.

I think that being a mission driven workplace is about ensuring that everyone knows why the organisation exists and this is beyond just profit. This mission has to be clear, concise and specific. Then the organisation’s decision making processes and outcomes would all align with this mission. The team and individual team members would review their tasks and make decisions in accordance to this mission.

The organisation would also monitor and review operations through the lens of the mission. Is the organisation achieving the mission? Where can the organisation improve in order to better achieve the mission and better serve the customer?

So does this led to more or less profits? I would argue more. With a sustainable business model being mission driven will ensure that your organisation better serves its customers. Doing so will set the organisation as a leader in its field. It will ensure that the organisation’s customers are better served and hence this will keep them coming back.

I have experienced this focus in my current army role. Through setting a mission and setting objectives the team was able to build on the capabilities and the capacity of the squadron. It was easy for the team members to understand what was happening, what needs to happen and why? This is truly a way to be able to empower the team.


  • What is the mission of your workplace?
  • How do you ensure that your team are working on a common mission?
  • What benefits that you see from a mission driven workplace?


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