The Power of a Thank You

The Power of a Thank YouYesterday I popped in at the end of Eleanor Hewitt’s Queen’s Scout Presentation. I missed most of it due to being at my daughter’s Netball Presentations. It must be that time of year with presentations galore. I wanted to pop in and say “Congrats” to Eleanor as earning the Queen’s Scout Award is a major effort and achievement in one’s life.

I was fortunate to be part of her journey twice as her examiner. The first time was at Cuboree a few years ago when I was the Venturer Leader for the event and more recently as her examiner for the blog she created for as part of her work towards her Queen’s Scout Award. I really enjoyed reading her blog “The View from my Tent”. I hope that she continues to write.

What really touched me yesterday though was the thank you card I got from Eleanor. I was not expecting the card as I only played a very small role in her journey. However it did make me feel special and gave me a boost to receive a thank you. A thank you certainly encourages me to keep supporting people on their journey in life.

It got me thinking about the power of a thank you. A thank you is very powerful to the person that receives it. Obviously it has to be genuine. A genuine thank you will motivate people, it will put a spring in their step and it will make them feel good and it will encourage them to help out again. It does not matter if the person has done good for their own satisfaction or even for payment, a thank you shows them that you care for what they did.

It got me thinking about whether I thank people enough? There are plenty of people that help me out everyday. Do I ensure that they know they are valued and are an important part of my life? Or do I take them for granted? I think we can all improve on our thank yous as there is certainly power in a thank you.

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