Slept Out for Homelessness

Girls at Canberra Community SleepoutLast night I slept out with two of my daughters at the Australian Institute of Sport for the Canberra Community Sleepout. The Sleepout is a major fundraiser for St Vincent de Paul Canberra/Goulburn and Communities@Work to support their work in preventing homelessness. In addition to fundraising the event also raised awareness about the issue of homelessness in our community.

The night involved a range of activities that certainly made the night enjoyable for all. My girls had a good time socialising and participating in the event. One managed to get a few hours sleep and the other stayed up all night…. Both are asleep now….. The event is a true tribute to the efforts of the project team. Thank you.

During the serious side of the event we learnt about how homelessness impact on a range of people and how domestic and family violence plays a role in creating homelessness. With a number of guest speakers that talked out their experiences in homelessness, domestic violence and with both, everyone in the crowd was touched.

We can all make a difference. Firstly we can educate ourselves about the issue. We can understand the causes and the solutions. In addition you can assist with the fundraising by donating at

Me at the Canberra Community Sleepout

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