Learning from my Son

Attila Ovari Thumbs UpAs I am getting more and more excited about my future and the possibilities moving forward there are some ideas that I have that surpass my level of technological knowledge. So I have engaged some experts to help overcome these knowledge gaps. And these experts were my teenage son and daughter. My son in particular showed me how to edit a video and how easy it all is.

It was one of those intergenerational learning experiences where the younger generation was teaching the older generation. It was an experience where I had to put ego aside and learn, as I did not know best in this case. I had to acknowledge that I had a knowledge gap. I also had to acknowledge that my son that is less than half my age was the one with the answers.

So after first acknowledging that I had a knowledge gap, I then secondly had to acknowledge that my son had the answers. These two steps set me up for the third step of learning. I was able to put aside the ego and absorb the information that my son was sharing with me. It was good information and it was easier than I though in the end.

Though it turned out to be easy, it would not have been without the guidance and teaching from my son. He knew exactly what to do. It would have taken me so long to learn without him. So thank you to my son… I appreciate your help in learning about making videos and audios. I hope that I was not too troublesome to teach.

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  1. This is a fine example of reverse mentoring. This practice is being used in some organizations, in which CEOs are being reversed mentored by young geeks.

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