Leadership by Principles

his week I had a good discussion with Louis who is a Police Officer in the USA who also does some Leadership and Adaptive Systems Consulting. It was interesting to talk with him about certain concepts used within policing and the military. We discussed how these concepts used by the police and military in planning and decision making can be applied in the private sector.

The conversation started out talking about the OODA loop, which is an adaptive decision making process that come about during the Korean War. However the conversation turned to range of topics including the way leadership, planning, decision making and risk management occurs in the police force and the military.

One of my takeaways from the conversation was that there are different operating environments, some are controlled and linear. The controlled linear environment is one where the outcomes are predictable and the processes are step by step. An example for this would be a financial process within an organisation, where it is easy to document the way money is received, banked and accounted for. It is a very predictable process and can be outlined in a step by step fashion.

However there is an environment that is not so controlled and there are so many outcomes that it would be hard to predict what is going to happen. In this sort of environment it would be very difficult to provide detailed business processes to outline what to do and the “if this then that” for each possible outcome. For example there are plenty of possible outcomes to your dealings with a customer and you would not want to completely treat them as a robot in a step by step fashion.

So if it is impossible to provide detailed business processes for every possible outcome what do you do to lead and make decisions? I would propose that you manage by principles, rather than by detailed business processes. As a leader with a Vision, Mission and Values you can ensure that the selected course of action is in accordance with your principles.

In this way the customer is served in by a staff member in a way that this consistent with your organisation’s vision, mission and values. There may be a broad business process covering the dealings with the customer,however these business processes allows room for the staff member to meet the needs of a customer in a way consistent with the organisation’s principles.



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