The Power of Setting Goals

3606f54ae2e72390c193bba91e2c61f7I recently left an organisation that I was doing a couple of projects for. As I left I reflected on the goals I had set for myself. How did this role fit into the bigger plan for my life and also where I was in terms of other parts of my life. It struck me how though the exit was not the exact time I had planned it was in fact in accordance with the goals I had set myself.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love leadership roles where I get to develop those that work with me. I love to combine leadership with operational type areas where external stakeholders and clients are impacted in positive ways. This combination gets me excited and enthused.

In terms of my life I have been in this type of role in my Army Reserve job. I have been blessed in this area to have been in sub-unit command for the last five years. The last financial year in particular it was awesome to be selected to be in this role for a major set of Exercises. However this role is coming to an end and I am off to new adventures in my Army Reserve career.

So in terms of the big picture the scene is set for my life to move, in my civilian job, from a back office role. However I need to think about how I want to do this… Do I want to start my own business and build the organisation and culture? Or do I want to take on a senior leadership role in an existing organisation? Decisions to be made. Over the weekend talking with my wife, it seems that my own business may be the best way forward.

However to do this requires resources. One needs to have the funds to support themselves, their families and their business as they build up a client base. To this end there is funds required to achieve this. However, I had set savings goals earlier in the year to ensure that I would have the funds to start my own business if that was my decision.

So in summary I had set a number of goals for myself before I was to move on from my role, in which I just left from:

  • Pay off all debts except the house
  • Develop a solid savings target
  • Finish projects in the role
  • Finish up my current Army Role

So how did I go. Debts paid off in the last financial year. Savings hit the target two weeks prior to finishing up. Projects are just about complete and I have only three months left in my current Army role and I am about to start preparing things for handover.

The key thing is that I had not even realised that I had achieved the goals I had set. I had just developed the habits to move in that direction and as decisions had to be made I following the path that headed in the direction of my goals. This is the power of goals.



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