Is it Right or Wrong?

a1fbfd113fa9ebd97b0a744a5f77ad99Last night I watched the movie Sicario at the local movie theatre. I enjoyed the movie and was expecting a movie with a bit more action. That said it did get me thinking about what is right and wrong? One of the lead actors, a female FBI agent struggled with the methods that were used by an interagency task force to fight a Mexican Drug cartel.

When it comes to morals and ethics everyone has a different view of where the line is drawn between right and wrong.  This can be based on background, experience, training and culture. In the USA the FBI agent at the start of the movie came across a gruesome discovery in a raid. Also the raid lead to the death of two law engagement officers.

With this background the FBI agent was keen to make a positive impact in the war against the drug cartel. However to do this the team she was teamed up with challenged her definition of what was right and wrong. Though the methods were uncomfortable with her she did appreciate that they got results.

There is a saying that “the ends do not justify the means”. This is true, though when considering the means we need to consider our values, the law and the difference understandings between the different stakeholders. Is living by my values going to be able to gel with difference with the key stakeholders? If not this is going to cause personal challenge for you… What should you do in this situation? I do not know, only you can decide in this situation.


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