Smiling and Happiness

73378a3acbadae3c7820e2e881d4a086Smiling is a great way to introduce yourself to someone else. Smiling is a great way to give people a lift. A smile is something that you can give someone and yet it will not take away anything from yourself. When you give a smile and you get a smile back you are likely to have an even bigger smile.

So why do you smile? Do you smile because you are happy? It is easy to smile when you are happy. It is easy to smile when things are going well for you. But is this why you smile? For some people this would be the case. They smile because they are happy. When you smile you are likely to get a smile back from others and hence it is easier to stay happy.

We do all go through hard times and smiling would not be appropriate, however at other times when you are not feeling happy what would happen if you smiled?

Yesterday, we conducted a face to face promotion of the Canberra Community Sleepout in Canberra City. This involved promoting the Sleepout to people passing by. I was not feeling comfortable with this task. It did not bring a sense of happiness initially….. However I started out with smiling and saying “hello”. I did not worry about the Sleepout, just focused on smiling and saying “hello”. By the end of the promotion I was unbeat, having a great time and handed out a lot of flyers.

  • So was I smiling because I was happy or was I happy because I smiled?
  • What would happen if we forced ourselves to smile more?
  • Can smiling more improve our happiness?

About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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