Mental Health Stigma

925dcff5afdaaaad949f377aff61cbd7After writing a few blog posts about my challenges earlier this year and being in mental rut I have had many people talk to me about their experiences. I know for me it was a big decision to see a psychologist. I had all sorts of misconceptions about seeing a psychologist prior to going. It seems that society also holds true to some of these misconceptions.

We see it normal when you are physically ill to go see a doctor. You see the doctor and they develop a plan to help you get back to full health or live with the physical conditions that you have. Sometimes it is rest, other times there is lifestyle changes, other times there is medication prescribed and at other times you may have an operation.

Why is it different with mental health? Why does society see mental health as a life sentence and we create a stigma about it? It is interesting how when I had my hernia operation my surgeon advised me that due to having one hernia there is a higher chance I will have to have a second. Does this mean I need to stop my life and can not do my work or people need to treat me with kid gloves?

The simple answer is no. We all know that, however when it comes to mental health we have created a stigma about it. Yes, some mental health issues do have long term impacts and involve ongoing long term intensive care (just as some physically health conditions do too). However we should be encouraging treatment rather than making a stigma about it. In the end, treatment will led to a better outcome for the person and community involved. Avoiding the stigma and not being treated is a far worst outcome for all.


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  1. This is absolutely spot on! Just like any aspect of our health our mental health from time to time will not be at its best. We all need to realise that and maintain our mental health and seek treatment when it’s not 100%.
    We will ALL experience some degree of mental illness in our lives, and like any health issue we need to identify it early and get help.

    • Thanks Luke. It has taken me until this year to fully understand this concept…. So I understand people who do not get it. Hope that they can start the process of discovery.

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