Back Yourself

Have you ever had people say you cannot do something? The naysayers, those that poo poo your ideas and are just negative about your abilities, they can bring you down. I often have people tell me I am crazy or cannot achieve something. Sometimes these people are trying to protect me from failure, other times they are just insecure themselves, other times these people are just not wanting the status quo to be upset.

Every once in awhile I get a boost from something positive. I see what great things I have been apart of and also what has been achieved. Basicly I see the evidence of someone getting on with the job and proving the naysayers wrong as they achieve what people told them could not be done. It can be hard at times, however the best way to live is to back yourself.

This morning I saw the above youtube video on my Facebook feed. It is from the Army unit that I currently belong too. I am proud to be part of the team that did all these activities and more. It was a real boost to see and reflect on the last few years and what we have achieved, training that we have done and capability that we have provided.

There will be failures as you back yourself, this is part of the course. You will need the support of people that believe in you and support you to achieve your dreams. Yes sometimes these people we let you know the pitfalls, while at the same time they will also find a way to move forward and mitigate these pitfalls. That is the difference between a naysayer and a supportive friend. Whatever you do back yourself….. You can do it…. Live the life you love and live your dreams…

  • Have you let naysayers influence you?
  • What is it that you want to do and achieve?
  • Who do you have that supports you?


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Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. Everything is possible. The ones who say you can’t just haven’t figured that out yet or tried hard enough at their own dreams

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