Planning Weekend

b7cef957e015a3afeef31228cf1b6dd2Last weekend I was in Sydney with the army planning for the next three years. The weekend was a great opportunity to have the key players come together for the unit I am in and work out what we are doing for the next three years. It was one of the best planning activities that I have ever been on.

The weekend started with the boss giving a talk about where the unit will be in 3 years time and what the main effort is. It was simple, clear and to the point. In the first 30 minutes we all had a clear understanding of what were the expected outcomes. How many organisations have a simple, clear and to the point strategic endstate?

With the commander’s intent we then broke into our sub units and planned how our part of the organisation will contribute to the overall mission of the unit. Once again, this was a simple process due to a clear strategic endstate and clear priorities. By the end of the weekend we all had a clear plan for the next three years. Yes some of the detail was yet to be added, but we had a plan.

The final step will be to consolidate the planning and do a presentation next month to the soldiers so they too know what the plan is and how they can fit into the strategic big picture. Then the process will be complete. Everyone will be aligned to the strategic endstate, the priorities and the plan. The last weekend did demonstrate to me how easy planning should be…. But it all started with a simple, clear and to the point intent for 3 years time.

  • Have you ever been planning for something that did not have a clear endstate (goal)?
  • How did you find planning without a clear goal?
  • How do you ensure that there is a clear endstate for planning?


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