How did I end up at GoodBerry’s?

DSC_0996Yesterday afternoon I ended up at Goodberry’s enjoying a smoothie with my daughter. It was after the last set of Parent Teacher Interviews this week. For the last three nights I have had Parent Teacher Interviews at the children’s school. It has been a good set of interviews as all the children are performing well and there has been improvement since the last time.

The first things that amazed me at how much school had changed since I went to school. The children all go to the same school that I did as a child. The buildings have been updated and changes made in that space, but the biggest change was in terms of technology. All students and teachers are issued laptops and most of the work they do has to be submitted online. This is a big change since my school days and it is good to see that the school is ensuring relevant skills into the future.

Last night was funny though, the first two of the teachers we saw were teachers from when I was at a school. They are the year coordinators for my daughter and so off to the first one we go….. All good reports about my daughter’s school work and behaviour and a recommendation that we take her to Goodberry’s…. Then off to the second teacher and similar report with a recommendation that we take her to Goodberry’s…. My first thought had been that my daughter had set this up…

I did find out that the two teachers share an office and hence were stealing each other’s lines. However, what a great idea. Goodberry’s it is…. After all a treat was in order…


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  1. Enjoy your father-daughter time. Before you know it, she’ll be a full-grown woman and on her own. Let Goodberry’s be part of your memory lane–as a place where both you and your daughter celebrate life’s joys.etc. Congrats also on your daughter’s achievements! Keep it up!

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