Sitting behind the Column

20ca56e77d52b3a99263ee55fd7d0e7aFor the last few weeks I have been sitting in the pews at church that are behind a column. This means that you can hear everything, but not see everything that is going on. This lack of use of all the senses does cut down on the situational awareness of what is going on. It is harder to focus on the Mass as it is easier to be distracted.

It got me thinking about the way we work with people. Are there parts of the puzzle that I am hiding from them? Is there sensitive information that I do not share? Is there just not time to share everything? Do I limit what emails I pass on to my team?

Yes, there can be good reasons for confidentiality and privacy so that we do not share everything with our teams. However I would encourage you to review what you hold back and evaluate if it really needs to be held back from the team. My guess is that we should share more rather than less with our teams.

But why would I say this? With more shared with the teams they will have the full picture. Rather than sitting behind a column and have most of their view blocked they will be able to have a greater understanding of the situation. Yes, you can outline your priorities and understanding of the situation as you pass on the information. Just make sure that your team is not disadvantaged through not having all the information.


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