Turning a Downed Tree by nature into Mulch

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

IMG_20150830_160829Earlier this week I had the storms blow over one of the larger trees in my front yard. No real damage except the tree thankfully. So on the weekend I thought I had better start cleaning up the mess. With the assistance of some of my children we started to cut up the tree and mulch it up for the garden beds.

What a gift. Nature has blown over a tree that I was not sure what to do with and the garden beds needed more mulch. Perfect solution. It is funny how life will often send us opportunities, though not always looking like opportunities at the time, and we can choose to make the most of them. When things happen it is often good to take a step back and look at two things. What is negative consequence of the event and what are the opportunities of the event.

With the negative consequences we want to ensure that we mitigate the intolerable downside. While at the same time we want to take advantage of the upside and opportunities. Life is like that. Events happen and quite often it is up to us to interpret. When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

  • When is the last time you were handed a lemon?
  • What was the mitigations for the downside that you put in place?
  • What was the opportunities that came from this event?


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  1. Love your mindset. I got blessed with tons of lemons today and I am not too sure what I will do later with them. Right now I just decided to self love more. Thanks for the post ! ❤️

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