The Tale of Three Bologneses

65f57548ab46110fc684a897b516ad9eI have conducted an experiment this week with bolognese. I cooked dinner for the children most nights and on three of the nights I cooked pasta with bolognese. But there is a twist…. One day I cooked with beef mince, the next I cooked with pork mince and the third I cooked with chicken mince.

I have always cooked my bolognese with beef mince previously so I was curious about what the children would think of the other two. All in all the children enjoyed all three. Overall the preference is beef, but all were good. One of my daughters even preferred the chicken bolognese.

After cooking many bologneses over the years and always using beef, it was interesting to break the habit and try something new. Though when doing it at the time I was uncertain how it would turn out, I must admit that I was very happy with the results.

  • What habit do you have that needs breaking?
  • What is something that you could experiment with?
  • What is something outside your comfort zone that is worth exploring?


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  1. We too have experimented with various bolognese recipes over the years, and I have concluded that what I understand as the traditional bologna-style is the one I like best. That is, about 2/3 beef to 1/3 pork, tomato paste but not canned tomatoes, finely diced onion, garlic and carrot, and the addition of half a cup or so of milk in the last half-hour of cooking. I also add beef stock and herbs. My husband uses commercial tomato-based pasta sauce and chilli, which is also good. He usually adds mushrooms to reduce the amount of meat needed. I’m not sure if we could still call that bolognese, but it is very tasty!

    • That is an awesome bolognese. When I have the time I raid the fridge, freezer and cupboard for all sorts of ingredients to put in the bolognese. My children call it the Daddy Special and they love it.

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