Systems equal Freedom

As I am getting to the end of the audit for ISO9001 certification for an organisation I am working for, I am am impressed with the way that the organisation has embedded the Quality Management Systems. The embedding of the systems has made the process much simpler and easier.

Coming from a business background I have always seen systems as a way to ensure that things get done without consistent direct involvement. A good system will enable the processes of a business to run efficiently and provide some control measures for quality.

Without systems you will see management and staff running around constantly dealing with the same issues over and over again. So I believe that good systems will reduce the time and effort required to maintain a process. Yes, there will be a time and effort investment into the development of the system, however it will reduce the long term cost.

As I am being audited, I can see that the systems implemented to date will save time and effort in the future, have provided management with better decision making information and have made the whole process of being audited much easier.


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