Are you Real and Authentic?

c219bb760746ce4c317d73d4780b1d6dI am normally a happy, upbeat and optimistic type of person. To most people I seem happy all the time. And honestly mostly I am. There was several months at the start of this year where I was not my normal self. I was down, lost my mojo, felt weak and without energy. During this time I ask for and received help. And now I am back to my normal me.

During this downtime I received some advice not to tell anyone and hide it. I was advised that if I shared my experience it would impact on career and the way senior people in an organisation would view you. It would also impact on the way people in junior roles would view you too. The advice I received was that sharing the experience was not a good thing.

I was thinking about the advice I received and being the rebel I am I am going to go against it. I am going to do this for two reasons. The first is that by sharing the experience all the way through to getting help and getting back on my feet can assist others having similar experiences. I would rather be real and authentic and help others than be selfish and worry about my career.

The second reason is that if people do not like me because of my experiences then stuff them…. I do not need them to give their approval. I would rather be real and authentic. If senior people in an organisation do not like this about me, then they can lose my services, I am worth far more to them than they are to me.

When sharing about yourself, there is way to this. It is about being real and authentic in order to help others. It is not about getting special concessions from others. Yes some people will lose respect for you and it may be a career limiting move. But I believe that being real and authentic is the best way to help others and live with yourself.

Are you real and authentic?

Has being real and authentic affected your career?

Through being real and authentic how have you helped others?


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  1. Everyone goes through times of being “down.” Sharing it, as you do, lets others know that you experienced and then rose above a bad time and that they, too, can do the same. I’m sure the people where you work have had that same “down” time.

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