Accountability, Responsibility & Authority

When it comes to leadership of people and leadership of projects I believe that accountability, responsibility and authority go hand in hand. I believe that if the leader is missing any of these three attributes then the leader is set to fail. I have observed this in many organisations and noticed where one or two of these missing an organisation is set to fail.

Why is accountability important? It is what keeps us on track for achieving our objectives, it is our measure to check progress. Without it we could do anything and be off mission.

Why is responsibility important? It is a sense of duty to do what needs to be done and to do the right thing. Without responsibility the mission may be achieved, however the methods used may lead to unintended and negative consequences.

Why is authority important? It is the power or right to make decisions and direct others towards achieving the objectives. Without authority it is difficult to make the changes required to achieve the objectives.

When assigning a leadership role to someone or when you are being assigned a leadership role ensure that at the same time you also assign the accountability, responsibility and the authority required for that role. For if you are missing one or more of these I believe that the leader will fail in the longer term.

  • In your leadership roles do you have accountability, responsibility and authority?
  • In leadership roles you assign to others have you given them the accountability, responsibility and the authority that they require?
  • How can you ensure that when assigned a leadership role and when assigning a leadership role you ensure that the appropriate accountability, responsibility and authority are assigned also?

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