DSC_0590Yesterday I was excited to get home. After two weeks in Singapore I was on track to get home in the morning. That was until I got to the Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport. It was at the domestic terminal that I discovered that there was fog at Canberra Airport. No flights in or out. With Canberra flights backing up my vision of having breakfast at home was fading quickly.

There was two ways this could go. I could get worked up and try and change arrangements, ending up ranting and raving about something that I had no control over. How many times have you done this or seen someone do this? Or I could relax, get some breakfast, have a nap and go with the flow. What did I do?

In a past life, I most likely would have been more in the first group, however I am now more in the second group. After all, if it is dangerous to fly into Canberra due to fog, why would I want to be in a plane that takes that sort of risk? After all it was only a two hour delay in the end. The experience had me reflecting on how I have in the past gotten worked up over things outside my control and that instead by focusing on the things I can change, like how I spend my delayed time, I was actually more peaceful and productive.

  • How do you respond to delays outside your control?
  • How can you focus on things in your control instead?
  • By focusing within your area of control, do you feel more at peace?

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