Why have Policies and Procedures?

Policies and procedures are part of most larger organisations. Some organisations may call them by other names such as, directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), work directions, manuals and other names. In the end the key reason that these documents exist is for it to guide the practices in the organisation.

  • But why have these documents?

If the documents are up to date and relevant they are in accordance with the organisation’s vision and values. They are consistent with the way that the organisation conducts itself. In the end it is to ensure that everyone has a common practice in doing the day to day business of the organisation.

Some of the reasons why they are useful include:

  • New team members have a reference for the way things are done
  • Practice is consistent across the organisation
  • Team members have an understanding in how they are to do daily practice
  • Team members can be held to account for their actions and daily practice
  • Assists in the communication of the daily practices throughout the organisation

These are all good reasons, and it comes down to that these documents direct the practice of an organisation. So if you are like me and the documents themselves do not excite you then maybe the result of the organisational practice heading towards the organisation’s mission and vision may excite you.

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