Leading People not Machines


“You do not lead machines, you lead people. Unless you understand human nature, I don’t think you can lead.” David Morrison, former Chief of Army

While on a flight recently I was flicking through the inflight magazine and saw an article on leadership and management. The saying above was at the start of the article. It had a number f leaders from the business world and David Morrison, former Chief of Army. The article describe the rise to the top as being around people.

At the lower levels of management it may be possible to get things done through authority, planning, using systems, assigning tasks and do things right. However in order to be effective in leadership the focus needs to change away from systems to people. In doing so leaders promote a vision and inspire people to do the right things.

Focusing on people does not mean that it is a popularity contest. Being popular is different to having influence with people to inspire them to work towards the vision for the team or organisation. David Morrison tells inspiring leaders to remember the three Fs: Fair, Firm and Friendly.

  • ·        How do you inspire your team?
  • ·        Do you have influence in your organisation outside of your authority?
  • ·        Are you doing the right things or do things right?


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