Mission Driven Workplace

There is a lot of talk about purpose driven organisations. There are not for profit organisations, government organisations and even commercial organisations that are for benefit. Does this mean that they do not think about profits or the financials? No, not at all, I think that resource management is important in all organisations.

I think that being a mission driven workplace is about ensuring that everyone knows why the organisation exists and this is beyond just profit. This mission has to be clear, concise and specific. Then the organisation’s decision making processes and outcomes would all align with this mission. The team and individual team members would review their tasks and make decisions in accordance to this mission.

The organisation would also monitor and review operations through the lens of the mission. Is the organisation achieving the mission? Where can the organisation improve in order to better achieve the mission and better serve the customer?

So does this led to more or less profits? I would argue more. With a sustainable business model being mission driven will ensure that your organisation better serves its customers. Doing so will set the organisation as a leader in its field. It will ensure that the organisation’s customers are better served and hence this will keep them coming back.

I have experienced this focus in my current army role. Through setting a mission and setting objectives the team was able to build on the capabilities and the capacity of the squadron. It was easy for the team members to understand what was happening, what needs to happen and why? This is truly a way to be able to empower the team.


  • What is the mission of your workplace?
  • How do you ensure that your team are working on a common mission?
  • What benefits that you see from a mission driven workplace?


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