Missing the Children

38165711a8c2f850ca024e70c94588caWith the custody arrangements for three of my children shared with their mother, I do not see my children all the time. In some ways this means there is time to do things without worrying about what to do with the children. However it is a little sad when the children are not around. The house is quieter and I miss the little conversations we have about everything and anything in life. I miss playing cards with them…. Even if I am a little competitive….

This last twelve months has been even harder with the amount of time I have been away with work. It has been crazy busy. I have enjoyed all that has been accomplished with various projects, however this has meant even less time with my children. Over the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed spending significant time with the children. Yes, I am about to go away again, however on my return I look forward to spending more quality time with the children again.


  • Who do you enjoy spending time with?
  • What are some of your favourite activities?
  • Do you spend enough time on these activities?



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  1. It was tough to see enough of both my parents after their divorce as I was in high school and driving at the time when they split. Once I went to college, I was closer to my dad who lived in the city and he would take me to shows at the Fox theatre (in ATL) and fancy dinners, both of which I’ll never forget. On weekwnds, if there weren’t a lot of social events going on, I’d go back to the suburbs to visit my mother who’d cook a big Italian meal for me and let me do my laundry. Now I live overseas with my husband and daughter and wish i had appreciated their closeness more when I had it. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely make an effort to spend as much time with those kiddos as you can. Someday they might be having kids of their own and will have their hands full, too full to visit!

    • That is very true… The older we get the less time we seem to have for parents…. Plus we now live in a world where we travel and move away a lot more than previous generations.

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