Starting the Day on a Positive Note

DSC_2424We all start the day in different ways. Some people like to start the day with a coffee, some like to start the day with exercise, some start the day with yoga, others start the day with meditation….. and then there are some that just roll out of bed. The start of the day is a very important part of the day. The way we start can often impact on the rest of the day for us.

Ideally, I would start with exercise and listening to podcasts….. However that is not always the case. What I do do more often than not is roll out of bed and say to myself “What a great day.” I like to start the day on a positive note. I just find that by doing so my day tends to go better. I find that when I do I tend to bounce into the day.


  • What do you do to start your day?
  • Does this set the stage for your day?
  • What could you do to improve the start of your day?



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  1. I saw this on a Joel Osteen episode. I wake up every morning and say, “Girl, you’re lookin’ fine today!” He said a woman in his office does this. Great idea.

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