Time Serving You

I was listening to a podcast this week called “Entrepreneur on Fire” by John Lee Dumas. He was interviewing a guest that had spent time in jail. From his prison experience the guest said:

“Do not serve time, let time serve you”

Though clearly referring to someone doing jail time…. For example do not just sit around in prison and do nothing. While in prision learn skills and set yourself up as best you can for when you get out. Hence let time serve you.

However this can just as well apply to us in our everyday life. Do we treasure each day as a blessing to use or do we see each day as something to tolerate and get through? Have you ever caught yourself saying something like, “if only it was Christmas?” Tolerating time, getting through a day or wishing it away are all ways that people serve time.

So how do we get time to serve us…. Firstly we treasure each moment, we ensure that we make the most of each day in terms of family, friends, learning and growth. Each day is an opportunity to build on areas of our life for the future. Yes, there will be good days and bad days, however we can choose to make the most of each day.


  • What do we do each and everyday to develop ourselves, learn and challenge ourselves?
  • What do we do each day to build something for the future?
  • How do we treasure each day and enjoy the moments that life presents us?



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