Selling Multiple Sizes of Coffee

DSC_2406Last weekend I was in Coogee with the family and as we walked around we stopped for the occasional coffee. What struck me was that at most cafes they only offered one size of takeaway coffee. I am so used to cafes in Canberra having two to three sizes to choose from. Yet at Coogee most cafes were only offering us one size.

I was thinking about this and thought what makes business sense in this case? By only having one size, the cafe can focus and possibility streamline business processes. Also it avoids overloading a customer with decisions…… But is this really the best for business in this case? By offering two to three different sizes a cafe can upsell there coffee and increase revenues.


  • So what should a business do?
  • Do you expect a cafe to offer multiple sizes of takeaway coffee?
  • How many sizes is the the right number for a cafe to offer?



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  1. It could depend on the coffee quality and be based on too much of a good thing not so good

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