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I must admit my life takes many twists and turns. Like everyone, there are days that I am on top of the world and others that I am not. There are places I end up and say “Awesome…. This is all part of the plan” and other places I say “How did I end up here?” My online experience and adventure has been one of those “How did I end up here?” places. It has truly been an adventure.

Back in my uni days straight out of school I created an hotmail account. Some younguns are probably wondering what that is… It was a web email account. I ended up not using it and it was closed. A couple of years later I ended up with another hotmail account, MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Messenger. All great communication tools of the time.

When Facebook started to hit the scene, I was not particularly fast to sign up and start using it. But I did open an account and not long after I opened a Twitter account. I did not use the Twitter account for a while, as what the heck is that for? I was using Facebook a little, but not really doing much with it.

Then came my two years of many travels…. I do love travelling. As I travelled I would add people I met to Facebook to stay in touch. What an awesome tool. Then I met a friend who ask why I have not put my travel photos up on Facebook for people to see. I was like, “why would I do that, the photos are for me…” But anyway cut a long story short I added a bunch of photos to Facebook…. I was surprised by the number of people that enjoyed viewing the photos and made positive comments.

Then when I was working for Belconnen Community Services I was asked to join the Social Media Working Group. The Social Media working group was tasked to develop the Policy, Procedures and Processes for the use of Social Media by that organisation. As the Senior Management representative on the working group I thought I had better explore Social media a little further. So before I knew it I was Blogging, Facebooking, on LinkedIn, Twitting, on Google Plus, on Tumblr and on Pinterest.

Since then I have added Instagram to my social media platforms and this morning I have sent out my first AttilaOvari.com newsletter (http://eepurl.com/bs2xbL). It has been an adventure and I am loving it. The way that we can now connect with people all over the world is awesome. Where will this adventure lead me? I am not sure, but lets enjoy the ride together.


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About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. It’s unbelievable how different communications has changed. Ten years ago we were hand writing letters and mailing Hallmark Cards with photos to our loved ones. Today, we take a photo with our phone and it instantly uploads onto many of our social networks for all the world to view. This is both a blessing and a curse.

    If we want news, there’s no waiting until 5:00 pm, it’s instant. There is truly no element of surprise anymore. Yet, when a child goes missing the odds are dramatically higher at finding him/her because of the Amber Alert System on all electronic devices.

    We have entered into a wonderful and colorful world here on the World Wide Web. Especially when people, such as yourself, share your adventures. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next.

    PS….. I like the layout of the newsletter. Best of luck!

    • Thanks Shell. It is amazing how the world has changed… I remember sending postcards from my travel adventures…. I have not sent a postcard for a long time. I am very excited about what the future holds.

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