Taking Time to Relax



  • Do you ever feel that you have been working and getting no break?
  • Does it seem that you have no downtime?
  • Are you going from one task to the next all the time?


If you answered Yes to the questions above then it may be time for a break. It may be time for you to block out some time to relax. Book some time to do nothing. I know I was at that point… In the last 12 months I have been working on so many projects that even weekends were dedicated to work and taskings. For various reasons this had been the case, however it is time to take a break. A short break at that.

Though it is only four days, this long weekend in Sydney has been refreshing. Taking the Friday and Monday off in addition to the weekend has been a short break, but has recharged the batteries. It has been good to spend time with the children and do not much for a couple of days. Getting out of the house has been a good decision.

So why go away you may ask? Well at home there are so many things to do around the house and it is hard to chill. I see the pruning that needs doing, the lawns that need mowing and weeding that needs doing. Where sitting in an apartment in Coogee in Sydney has taken many distractions away. Yes, I have cleared emails, blogged and checked social media… However I have relaxed, gone for a walk around the beach, done some reading and watched a movie on TV.

So at the beginning of day three how do I feel? Relaxed, refreshed and wanting to get back into things. One issue that I have is that I do tend to focus a little too much on work based projects and fail to balance that with personal and family time. A break like this extended weekend has helped to restore some of that balance.


  • How do you relax?
  • What recharges your batteries?
  • What do you do as a family to relax?



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