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As mentioned a few days ago I have had an interesting six months with highs and more lows than normal. It started about Christmas last year as I felt very weak and lacked energy. I had several tests done and there were indications that my body was fighting some bug, though not sure what. After several weeks I gain energy and my body had seemed to have beaten the bug in my system.

However, mentally I still felt drained and down in the dumps. Things just seemed to be going wrong for me, or at least my head was telling me so. This was not necessary the reality, and at the time I had many successful projects on the go. That said I was down more than I was up and needed help. Now, I am not the sort of person that normally goes out and gets help. I am a bit of a do it myself sort of person. I pride myself on being self made…. Well we all need and have the help of others.

When I thought about it, I asked myself the following question “If a friend of mine or a staff member of mine came to me with the issues that I am having, what would be my advice?” The answer was clear….. I needed professional help. With that I went to doctor, who referred me to a Psychologist. I have had two sessions and am starting to feel a lot better, starting with “Being kind to myself”.

Reflecting on these last few months, I have learnt that it is often hard to ask for or seek out help. I am not sure why this is the case, but many times in my life I push on and try to find a solution myself to things, rather than seek out help to make the process quicker……


  • What is an area of your life that you could use help with?
  • What is stopping you from getting the help you require?
  • How would the help improve your life or business?



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  1. I’m trying to figure out how to let go of my pride and ego.

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