Children Grow Up Fast

Yesterday I attended my son’s school before work for a meeting about his selection of subjects for the last two years of High School…. Then I had the opportunity to have lunch with him later in the day. After being away for two weeks it was good to catch up with him and see him in action.

I was impressed at the school in the meeting in the way he had done his research on available subjects and thought through his options. He led the meeting with the teacher adviser, while his mother and I mostly observed. He communicated clear reasons for his decisions around his subjects while considering some of the longer term effects of these decisions.

Then at lunch we further discussed his choices and the happenings of the last two weeks. I was impressed during the conversation at the way he took responsibility for things in his life and had thought through reasons for his decisions moving forward into the future.

I know that there will be challenges in the future and life is not smooth sailing. While at the same time I look and see how fast my son has grown up. I am proud of what he has achieved and the way he is moving forward.


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  1. I like the way you speak about your son, Attila. He’s got a great father in you.

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