The benefit of no Debt

Around the world there is much talk and action about cutbacks by governments in order to bring budgets in line after a period of economic downturn. Canberra is the capital of Australia and the main employer is the federal government. This has meant that many of the cuts that Australia is experiencing, in order for the Federal government to get back to a surplus, is occurring here in Canberra. This has made it hard on some people.

My children go to a school that recently paid off their debt. This has enabled the school to not increase any of the school levies and fees for 2015. This is a great help to the families at the school and shows what can happen when you are not chained to debt. The school has been able to pass on the savings to the families during a belt tightening time in Canberra.


  • Imagine what you could do with no debt in your life?
  • Imagine the investments you could make?
  • Imagine the giving you could do?



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  1. With growth in China slowing down, life down under is going to get harder, being debt free is the best place to be.

    • I agree with you…. Australia will be impacted by China slowing and by preparing oneself through having multiple income streams from diverse locations and being debt free is the best strategy,

  2. In the age of credit, it is hard for most people to think in any other way. Such a shame.

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