How do you act around others?


As I walk the dog I have noticed something very funny… Some mornings he looks like he is exhausted with his tongue hanging out of his head. He will have his head down and slow down as we walk around the block. However…. When there is another dog around things change. He braces up, head held high and his pace quickens. I see this often and think how funny he is in the way he responses to other dogs.

I got thinking and discovered we humans are the same. We act, dress and talk differently in different crowds. We dress up for a job interview, which is very different to the way we dress on the weekend. We behave differently with people around than when we are alone, or differently when with friends, than when with our boss. Why is this? Does this make us fake?

I think that it depends. If we are acting in ways that at opposites to each other and contradicted each other then I believe this would be fake. However mostly our actions are complementary and are within a framework of the general group. For example if we take drugs on the weekend and then work for a law enforcement agency during the week this would be fake. However If we wear jeans and t-shirt on the weekend at a family BBQ and then a suit to work during the week, this is not contradictory and in fact is showing respect to your role and work.


  • What are the ways you change around people?
  • Is it contractory the way you change or just adjusting to the situation?



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  1. This was an interesting observation. People change for different reasons. Some people wear the mask because they have to while others can’t wait to wear the mask. Some wear business suits during the day and cross dress during the night. I don’t like people. I’m a quite person and deep thinker but as a gatekeeper during the day I interact with people at a high volume. I may not like people but what I normally don’t share with others is that I truly, love people. I’m not being fake well then again I do have to pretend that I’m listening to peoples complaints and smile when I really want to look at them like they are out of their minds but don’t we all do that just to get along? Humm, Some people fake it until they make it. I’m just getting the job done on a professional level while being kind to others.

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