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In the last month I have replaced my old iPhone 3 with a Sony Xperia Z3…. It was time to replace my old phone as it was 4 years old, not holding charge very well, cracked and was not turning off. I guess it was a casualty of my lifestyle of travel, adventure and pushing on. But what phone to choose. Do I go for the Apple iOS platform or do I go for a Windows based phone or one on the Android Platform?

Though I like the easy of use for the Apple iPhone, I was not impressed by the restricted iOS platform. Also in the end the new iPhone did not have the camera that I was looking for. The Windows platform would sync better with the Surface Pro that I use for my computer platform, however the Windows Platform did not have the applications and usability that I have come used too.

So Android it is… But which phone should I choose? For me it was about the camera. I take a fair few pictures and people get annoyed that the photos are not that clear. In the end it came down between the Sony and the Samsung. Though the Samsung seems to be more popular, I choose the Sony. The reason for this was based on feedback from friends and also the Sony seemed a little more robust.

I must admit I am very happy with my choice. The Sony Xperia Z3 is a very good phone, it seems to be robust, take great photos and videos. There are a few limitations in terms of applications on the Android platform that I had to adjust too, however I am now adjusted and enjoying my new phone.


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  1. Hey Attila,

    I also got a Z3 recently (upgrading from a Galaxy S3 for similar reasons) and really like my new phone too!

    Seeing as you got the phone for it’s camera – you’ll have to share some photo’s you took with it!

    And, what’s your favorite feature on the new phone?


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